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    " As vrea sa ma bat odata in duel cu mine insumi si adversarii sa nu se impace pe teren." Teodorescu-Braniste
  2. Yeah,cheers! Excellent and soft ! I love red beer. I didn 't visit Stonehenge and I'll tell you why : because the place was vandalized and now it can be only seen after a fence ,you can 't touch and feel the enrgy of the stones ... In Salisbury I understood is the most ancient christian cathedral founded by Joseph from Arimatheea .I have red about that somewhere ,but I didn 't want to go there by myself and I didn 't find someone to come with me. Thou,I visited the Aircraft Museum ,somewhere near Bournemouth ,2 hours to drive .I saw there the oldest aircraft ,made in 1916 from wood and leather (actuallyit is a wreckege),and also the Concorde . But I missed The Monkey World and Tanks Museum . I bought enciclopedia books with beautiful pictures about the history of humanity ( and arts) ,and about Egipt ,also Josephus writings ...I 'm interested in history , wisdom of the world,ancient writings ... and ,yes,my house is also full of books ,I'm buying books all the time I found also an ancient bible in old english ,it's hard to translate the words from back in tha 16 th century (lucky me with the internet ) I love your type of libraries where you can take a coffe and you can take a book and read in peace ,I was surprised to see people staying in line to buy books . Thank you for the picture , beautiful indeed.
  3. Bafta cu permisele. Eu conduc de 9 ani .Ador sa conduc ,mi-ar place sa fiu sofer de tir dar sotul meu nu vrea,zice ca nu s-a-nsurat cu "neamu 'lu' manivela" . Ce nu-mi place e sa stau prin service cate o zi intreaga ,sau sa alerg dupa piese si sa vad ca nu se potrivesc. La inceput mergeam mai cu viteza,dar acum merg mai incet dupa cate accidente am vazut...
  4. Albastri ,uneori gri sau verzi ,depinde de lumina.
  5. Mie aceasta abordare mi se pare logica ,dar depinde fiecare cat poate sa cuprinda cu mintea. Sistemul nostru de invatamant este in intuneric profund ,sunt multe probleme care merita studiate ,lucruri reale din viata si pentru viata . Un om care termina scoala nu este pregatit sa gandeasca singur ,pentru ca nu i s-a cerut niciodata ,doar i s-a spus ce sa faca. E normal ca un suflet mai evoluat sa se simta "incarcerat" intr-o lume ostila .
  6. When you can, go and visit the hole area ,is very beautiful. I 'm sorry I didn 't see Salisbury,maybe next time. I like England ,it is very clean ,the air is fresh because of the wind ,the houses are magnificent and full of charm .I went there in february and the grass was green and there were a lot of spring flowers in blossom.I walked every day to visit the city and a lot of people don't have cars and go on foot instead of taking the bus.I met there a different mentality ,especially to protect the environment .I bought also a lot of books and I exceeded the weight of permitted luggage on the plane Very beautiful country and good people. And not the last, I like red guiness.(it's expensive a little ,but it does worth every penny)
  7. Hi there ,Chancellor from Uk .Very beautiful country you have,I stayed in Bournemouth for a month last year. Maybe next year I am going too...we'll see.
  8. Si ticurile verbale au farmec uneori...sotul meu spunea "deci" cu multi ani in urma,era adorabil.Si acuma este adorabil ,dar nu mai spune"deci" . El a si uitat de "deci-urile" lui,dar eu ,mai soacra fiind ,nu.
  9. Eu vorbesc singura aproape tot timpul,cu sotul,cu copilul,totusi cainii par sa ma asculte uneori... Cand conduc imi dau muzica tare si cant si eu (fals) ....
  10. Aydan


    Eu nu sunt deprimata aproape niciodata . Ciudat,ca in tinerete si adolescenta eram deprimarea in persoana . Acum ma simt deprimata doar cand sunt ingrozitor de obosita si ma duc si ma culc.Eventual beau o bere inainte,rece si in halba aburita.
  11. Adesea nu gandesc nimic ...exist si atat.
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