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Is English language difficult?


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I think about that : How are you liking learning English language? Watching cartoons?

Or go to school. :) (if that was what you said there...it's a little hard to understand that sentence)


It's not a difficult language. Or, at least, not because of this. :D: A person who has some medium english knowledges can easily figure out the sense of a word which has multiple meanings, by hearing/reading the rest of the phrase.


In "We must polish the Polish furniture." it's clear that the first "polish" is a verb. The second begins with capital. So it's easy. :D:

Most of the words that sound alike are spelled different, and those which are spelled in the same way, have different functions in a sentence (some of them are verbs, nouns, etc.)

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I was lucky to have a great English teacher, passionate for her work. It was a pleasure to attend at her classes. (I hope I don't embarras her by making too many mistakes) :lol:


That's why English didn't seem difficult to me. Plus, in every language there are "traps" and words with more than one sense. Without those double sensed expressions a great source of humour would be lost. Yes, it's a little difficult for a beginner but it's much funnier once you gt the hang of it :lol:

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Well, English seems to be quite a problem for lots of English people these days!!!


One of the appeal cases I had to hear recently, had witness statements with the word 'said' spelt 'sed' and 'Easter' spelt 'Easta'...


I get very annoyed when people say 'them' when they mean 'those'!


Some other examples which tend to cause problems are:


'Their' and 'There'


'Who' and 'Whom'


'Which' and 'Witch'


'Two', 'To' and 'Too'


And the one that annoys me the most is when people reading the news on TV say 'secetary' instead of 'secretary' :butcher:

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