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15 January - An important day for many Romanians


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Happy Birthday Mihai :ro:
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man, the dude is dead....but his opera is in our hearts

seeing when he was born, I am sure he knows Mihai died already.



may I ask what means DUDE? no offense, I found this... http://www.answers.com/topic/dude...


is that your description of our poet? :blink:

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man, gay...i was just trying to be funny...because is funny to say happy birthday to a dead person...whatever....

happy birthday is just happy birthday...

it does not mean, like in Romanian language, "to live a long life". It mean only to be happy when celebrating your birth.



maybe the Romanian language keep inside its "la multi ani" a little bit of fear .


look here: http://dungeondiary.blogspot.com/2008/01/h...hday-elvis.html


no one will find that funny too, I hope. they adore Elvis.

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We celebrate the day when our national poet was born, in 1850.











day after day... one year ...


tomorrow is his birthday again...








a smile of him...

some color...

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I have just found an interesting fan group about Mihai Eminescu...





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about Eminescu :)


I like the owner of this blog used one of our colored pictures:


but he should tell that Mihai had dark brown eyes, not blue



....15 June is coming...:sad:




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15 June... another important , but sad day...

tomorrow, is the day of his death...


:rip: 120 years since then




Ode (in ancient meter) - by Mihai Eminescu


Hardly had I thought I should learn to perish;

Ever young, enwrapped in my robe I wandered,

Raising dreamy eyes to the star styled often

Solitude's symbol.


All at once, however, you crossed my pathway -

Suffering - you, painfully sweet, yet torture...

To the lees I drank the delight of dying -

Pitiless torment.


Sadly racked, I'm burning alive like Nessus,

Or like Hercules by his garment poisoned;

Nor can I extinguish my flames with every

Billow of oceans.


By my own illusion consumed I'm wailing

On my own grim pyre in flames I'm melting...

Can I hope to rise again like the Phoenix

Bird from the ashes?


May all tempting eyes vanish from my pathway

Come back to my breast, you indifferent sorrow!

So that I may quietly die, restore me

To my own being!


(1883, Translated by Andrei Bantas)

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That's a beautiful poem, but very sad...


Rest in peace Mihai!



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Another year without the beauty of his poetry... :rip:

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