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What's happened


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I've just logged in and been told I last logged in on the 29 June 2009 - We seem to have lost all the posts since then!!!


Help - Please!!!



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The server where we were hosted has vanished.

The person who was its administrator, the same.


the backup I made from cPanel had errors, could not be restored.


the only backup which worked was that made on 29 june last year


yes, we lost so much.

the only hope I still have is that that maybe james lee will appear someday and give us what is missing.


but is unlikely to happen ...

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Oh nooooo!!!!!


So much has gone :uf:


Thanks for getting us back online though - we'll have to see about getting everything back to the way it was before!



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And there may be something memorable i said during that half year that's lost. :lol:

I was thinking that about me too!!!



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