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Happy birthday, Chancellor!


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Thank you all so much for remembering me and for your lovely birthday wishes!!! :bblush:


It's been a really lovely day made all the more special by your words and pictures - I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and I cannot thank you enough for the happiness you have brought to me today...


The cake looks absolutely delicious!!! :wub:


I am off to sleep now and wish you all goodnight :goodnight:





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Sorry for delay!

Hi Franky :yeap:


Don't worry about being late - I am just glad you are here :yes:


Thank you for your kind wishes and for a lovely hedgehog picture - I love hedgehogs :hedgehog:



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Happy birthday and lots of happiness! :hb:

Hi pufonel,


Thank you for your lovely wishes and another delicious cake too!!!


I had a really nice day...






Hi RoAp :hatoff:


It's really nice to see you here in the English part of the forum :yes:


Thanks for stopping by...



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