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  1. ok thank you for the info well, to tell you the truth i was looking forward to see how they would have made drakula land.. doesnt mean that turists wouldnt appreciate your history... you know it just would be fun you are the country with the drakula legend...why romania not to become a bit richer bc of drakula? he has bring so much pain in your country right? he could bring some money too ;)
  2. A iubi nu inseamna a se privi unul pe celalalt ci a privi impreuna in aceeasi directie - Antoine de Saint Exuperi
  3. da. crezi ca exista pt fiecare om un suflet pereche?
  4. Cred ca oricine poate sa exerseze telepatia. Creierul omului are putere enorma. Stim numai un mic percent din ce poate face creierul nostru. Cred ca nu trebuie sa ne fie frica sa incercam este superb sa stii ca cineva poate sa asculta gindurile pe care le transmiti , si ca poti sa ai acest tip de comunicare cu cineva. Multe persoane spun ca nu pot sa au resultat cind incearca, cred ca asta se intimpla pt ca frica de necunoscut le blocheaza. ah scuza-ma pt romana mea...nu pot sa folosesc multe cuvinte la care ma gindesc si ma aud ca un copil, folosind numai cuvinte usoare
  5. Last time i was in romania i was hearing all the time that they gonna create Drakula Land..... and that is going to be there a lot of events and happenings is it true? this has happened? can you tell us info about it? thankssss
  6. why not a big party to meet everyoneeeeeeeee?????????
  7. ehmm... bouncy-angel- panis... thats it.....
  8. hey... Lets see if we have here any RPG freaks like me? :P I used to play 3 years the RPG online game guildwars.. it became a piece of my life for quite a long time... everyone who has tried to play it im sure understands... so anyone here likes that magic place called guildwars?
  9. la multi ani sa fii fericit bafta si sanatate
  10. la multi ani!!!!!!! fii fericit intodeauna!!!!!
  11. sigur ca da!!!!!! totul de la inceput! nice o problema..... si ce daca o sa fie cosmar? hmmm mai mare cosmar ca viata aceasta? nu cred... dar bine...let it be cosmar........(sorry for the english but i cant remember al the words in romania right now) everything is wellcomed... i love life... pain is just a big part of it :/
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