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  1. You are the when I was been hit
  2. Why not? You can be a mark of VESPERALA site.
  3. I watch the match reply! I think Romania 2 - 0 France , and Itlay 2 - 1 Romania, Because Romania play better than France, But the Romania waste many shoot. But the Italy paly good than Romania, Buffon is the best, He is a perfect keeper.
  4. I like both and . Because you are . I like black more.
  5. Just I want to make something fun, so I put it
  6. This is one of emoticon, I like it.
  7. We should go to see Marx, when people going to die. I will transfer you to other disk, or put you in the net!
  8. The Terrorist Killer > > > Netherland, Netherland 3 - 0 Italy Netherland 4 - 1 France I think the Netherland will be the new champion in Europe! Why they loose ? Because the player too old in their team! Tonight! (in my City) Romania will against the new killer, I wish them luck, The team did good , Romania 0 - 0 France Romania 1 - 1 Italy ( 2 - 1 , But Mutu ...... )
  9. hehe! I can't travel with your help, and without pay! Who made The Endless Column? It's amazing! Mr. Nicolae Grigorescu?
  10. this is great! how about this?
  11. Dear friend , We can read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanians, site because of grateway in China.
  12. I read it, Is that about you and your lift?
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