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    I used both, and prefer Lighthouse Vario binders http://stampuoso.com/product/lighthouse-va...r-with-slipcase by far. Double sided (May not be everyones cup of tea), seem a bit more durable. I have some hanger type sheets (Don't know off the top of my head if they were hagner/kanga/or prinz ones) that have come apart where the strip meets the board.
  2. How does whitening actually work? Most whiteners use a peroxide-based chemistry. Peroxide compounds have the ability to whiten teeth through an oxidation process. It has been demonstrated that peroxide has the ability to penetrate the inner aspect of the enamel within a matter of only a few minutes after application. There are complex organic molecules within the tooth that reflect a specific wavelength of light and are responsible for the Teeth Whitening in Pewaukee. It is believed that by releasing free radicals, peroxide has the ability to oxidize the color-producing organic compounds
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