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  1. Happy Birthday FlorinFranky! Hope you have a wonderful day my friend, God bless you!
  2. Hope you have the wonderful day that you deserve among your beloved ones my friend, God bless you!
  3. You're welcome my beloved friend!
  4. As soon as I saw this I thought of you Vesperala! This is for you with all my love...
  5. The best for you and your families in the New Year, God bless you all!!!
  6. Happy Anniversary!!! Long life to this awesome place!!
  7. La Multi Ani Corina, my beloved friend. Hope you're having the great day you deserve! God bless you always dear.
  8. Buon compleanno my dear friend! Hope you have the incredible day you deserve, in the company of your beloved ones. God bless you always!
  9. I'm glad you liked sweetie, I made it with all my love just for you. Thanks my friend, is nice to see you too florin7franky.
  10. After a very, very long time, I'm fulfilling a promise to my beloved friend Vesperala. Here it is... Hope you like it!
  11. I'm so sorry to answer this until now. Life has been very hard for me in the last months and I haven't been around as much as I'd like. I really appreciate your kind words and wishes; thanks a lot to all of you my friends. God bless you all!
  12. Hey Corina, my beloved friend, I hope you have had a a day as wonderful as the amazing person you are, surrounded by all the people that is important to you. I know I'm still owing you your present... I'm sorry, I'll try harder to make it possible. Please receive a big hug and a kiss sweetie!
  13. I'm here!! Someone seen florin7franky?
  14. Thanks a lot for the advice... and for the sharing as well, I just loved constantin work!!
  15. I wish it was as simply as that... In fact, I'm a Creative Director... but there's no work for me here in my area, so I have to work in other things... and thanks, but the things I do on computers are only a hobby. I've missed you as well my friend... Is a pleasure to talk with you again.
  16. Kind of my sweet Vesperala. I have to work in the streets, selling Nextel radios; so I'm away from computers most part of my time...
  17. I'm here!!! Where are you Chancellor?
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