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  1. Hi everyone There were riots and looting in South Liverpool and a few cars and shops were set on fire but I live in the North of the city and there wasn't much happening here... London, Birmingham and Manchester were far worse. I have a Canon EOS 7D now which I am really happy with but I just wish I was able to use it properly - most of my pictures are awful! I can understand why people want change and I'm always one to stand up for a good cause (especially if it's against the government) but I don't think they're going to change much by attacking ordinary people... Apar
  2. Hello everyone, don't know if the news has reached you but there has been almost a week of rioting in England ... my home town of Liverpool was targetted last night with over 200 people attacking the police and looting shops - It's very worrying! Hope everyone else is keeping safe and well?
  3. Hi Windwalker! Thanks, it's good to be back... Despite venturing out to Lancashire today and taking lots of pictures with my new camera, I'm rather disappointed with the results - Wish I knew what I was doing wrong...
  4. Thank you! I'm going out to a wildlife reserve today with a friend so might have some nice photographs to post when I get back
  5. *Chancellor walks tentatively to the forum and peers around the door* Hello everyone... It's been such a long time since I was last here, I hope you haven't forgotten about me? It's nice to be back again and I hope that you're all doing well? What have I missed?
  6. Really? Then they lied to me Would you like me to change it?
  7. Hi Barcelona Glad you like it - I just thought I'd be a bit different for Christmas
  8. Hello Windwalker Nice to know you're having a good time in your part of the world! I've just made some coffee too but there are no clouds to watch as it's almost dark here Because of the snow, I'm still waiting for 11 packages which all seem to be held up in our postal system
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