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> Free Convertors, Convertoare te doare
post Apr 15 2008, 11:40 PM
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Free FLV Converter 1.0.165 Free
Search and download movies from YouTube and DailyMotion for Free! This free software will let you search youTube and dailyMotion videos without opening your browser and you can even watch the videos using the built-in video player.Free FLV Converter allows you to easily grab and save desired video. This software can convert the videos to Avi, Ipod, iphone and psp format (MPEG4 and H.264). This software can also convert all your videos (divx, xvid, mpeg, dvd, avi...) to FLV video (Flash video) with an automatic HTML page creation. You will only have to place the files on your website to share your videos with the entire world.
Image Converter One 1.001
Image Converter One is a very useful tool that will help you resize and convert image files to several different formats. It supports right-click menu, this makes it more efficient to resize photo images.
Image Converter One supports most of the popular image formats like JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, PCX etc. With Image Converter One, creating personal watermark on photos becomes very easily. You can finish resizing, converting, creating watermark in no more than 3 steps.
Free WMA to MP3 Converter can convert Windows Media files to MP3 files which can be played in MP3 Players. All Windows Media formats (*.wma, *.wmv, *.asf) are supported. The program is a freeware and does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
HTML Converter
is a practical utility for web developers, both of pages and of applications. The program is built with just one aim: save time and effort when you need to insert HTML code into a script file.

Thus, with HTML Converter you can convert an HTML source code to ASP, Javascript, JSP, Perl or PHP formats, and even if necessary define a personal conversion scheme.

If you are looking for a simple, free and quick program to rip sound from your favourite videos and movies, then Any Audio Converter 1.0.1 is highly recommended. It is an excellent video sound ripper from AVI, ASF, WMV or MPEG to audio formats like MP3, WMA and OGG.

Any Video Converter is a free tool, complete and universal for the conversion of videos in any format. Its interface is simple to use, the conversion speed is more than acceptable, and the results are always high quality.

Any Video Converter is able to convert almost any video format, including DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI, MPEG-4, and mobile device-compatible formats, like iPod/PSP, MP4 players, telephones, etc.

Any Video Converter makes it easy and accessible to any user to enjoy any video format anywhere in their iPod, PSP, mobile or MP4 player. 15MB

Efficient WMA MP3 Converter is a converter which supports the most popular formats like MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, RealAudio, AAC, AC3, M4A, M4B, MPC or NUT, and can convert them to MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, MonkeysAudio (APE) or WAV.

This conversion tool uses the most modern and fastest audio codecs known, so it will let you compress files very quickly and with better quality. Efficient WMA MP3 Converter also supports ID3 Tag information, and gives you the ability to import fields for those tags from the original files. Another very important option is that of en masse file processing, to convert various at the same time.
Download free Efficient WMA MP3 Converter 0.96

Freez Flv to MP3 Converter is a tool that works to convert Flash FLV files to MP3 audio format, as its name suggests.

You can set parameters like the final MP3 file bitrate, the frequency, the channels or simply the values you are most interested in, the same as for the FLV audio streams.

With only a few mouseclicks you can convert multiple FLV files (as many as you want) to MP3 format, at high speed and with excellent results.

A-Z Free Video Converter is a simple and free video converter among various formats.

The program has a friendly and simple look. Also, in a few steps you can do the video file conversion to another format you want.

A-Z Free Video Converter presents all the information you need for the conversion in its principle window. It has a zone where you select the files to convert, and another where you indicate the exit format and folder, and yet another where you can watch the movie while it converts. It also has a button to shut down the PC once all the tasks have been completed.

A-Z Free Video Converter works with various video file formats (divx, vcd, mov, wmv, asf, dvd, ...).
Download free A-Z Free Video Converter 6.64

Free Video To JPG Converter is a simple and effective program that captures screens and creates JPG photos from your videos.

With this program you can play any video and obtain a screen capture of any scene by just clicking on one button.

It also lets you capture various screens throughout the movie by setting intervals for photos or by seconds, all set by the user.
Download free Free Video To JPG Converter

Digital Video Converter is a global multimedia conversion tool that works to convert videos of all formats, sizes and characteristics. It has support for AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, H264), MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD), WMV, QuickTime (MOV), FLV, iPod, PSP, and 3GP videos and also WAV and MP3 sounds.

Digital Video Converter lets you codify all your videos in diverse formats, cut them into pieces or join them into one file. The possibilities are very wide-ranging. The user interface is really practical and intuitive. It makes all operations much easier.
Download free Digital Video Converter

If you want your own collection of personalized icons, then you need a program like Image 2 Icon Converter.
Image 2 Icon Converter
lets you convert BMP, JPG, and metafiles into transparent icons. It has support for en masse conversions, and you can also determine the colour of the transparency. The Image 2 Icon Converter interface is also very intuitve and easy to use right from the start.

There is a list of files, where you can add or delete images with the ?Add Image? or ?Delete Image? options. Select a destination file, define the transparency colour, and that?s it. Click on the ?Convert? button at the bottom of the screen, and you?ll have your photos converted into transparent icons.

Image 2 Icon Converter is totally free and only needs a little more than one megabyte of space.
Download free Image 2 Icon Converter 1.5

Kigo Image Converter is a free image converter to change photos from one format to another. The process is simple, and you can add files from diverse folders and convert the whole list, previously choosing the format you want.

Kigo Image Converter has two possibilities to reduce the size of the photo: one is to directly reduce the width and height of the image. The other is to convert them to lighter formats like JPG.

But there is more, because Kigo Image Converter also lets you create slides and watermarks, and works with the most popular graphic formats: BMP, JPEG (JPG), JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, PNM, etc.
Download free Kigo Image Converter 1.2
Pianosoft Free Mp3 Converter is an excellent, free music converter from WAV to MP3.

The program is simple and easy to use. It has a very intuitive menu with many options, like the quality of the converted file (up to 10 levels), stereo or mono mode, frequencies, 7 priority levels when the program is working in Windows, fixed or variable file bitrates (from 32Kps, to 320Kps), and various options more.

Pianosoft Free Mp3 Converter gives you an entru folder to put your files, and and exit folder where the converted file will finish up. It also has a progress bar to show you how the process is going and how long remains.
Download free Pianosoft Free Mp3 Converter 2.0

All-in-1 Mobile Video Converter is a universal tool that lets you convert any video file in any format to any of the formats permitted by portable devices: PDA, iPod, Zune, etc.

Its control is oriented towards novices, though experts can also get a lot out of it. Simply choose your device from the list, and choose the audio quality you want to get. The rest is done by All-in-1 Mobile Video Converter .

All-in-1 Mobile Video Converter is outstanding above all because it can convert any video file format: avi, 3gp, wmv, mpg, mov, vob, fla and a large etc.
Download free All-in-1 Mobile Video Converter 1.0

Ethio Temperature Converter is a simple application designed to convert temperature values among the three main units.

Would you like to know which is the actual value of the temperature among the three units? Then this is the place. You should download Ethio Temperature Converter now, so you can know the value of any temperature in any of these thermic values: Celsius, Kelvin and Farenheit.

The Ethio converter interface is very simple, designed in red tones, and with each element or function very well defined. The user always knows what everything does. At the top there is a text box where you write the amount you want to convert. Below are three bars relating to the three units, Celsius, Kelvin and Farenheit, and the value expressed in each. The program has no more mysteries, and is quick and direct. It is very small and totally free.
Download free Ethio Temperature Converter 1.0

This application allows you to load an MPG or AVI format video, and convert a fragment you select to animated GIF format. More concretely, the mode you employ is the following:

Open a video file (?File? -> ?Open?), look for the position in the movie where you want the animated sequence to start (for this you use a scrolling bar at the bottom of the screen), and finally define the start and end instances. That done, you can now create the animated GIF from the ?Export? -> ?Export to animated GIF...? option.

NOTE: For Movie to Animated GIF Converter to work correctly, it needs Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your PC.
Download free Movie to Animated GIF Converter 1.0

Tiny Euro Converter is a small free program to make conversions between the Euro and another 34 monies from around the world. The program uses XML files to update currency rates automatically. Therefore you need to be connected to the Internet for Tiny Euro Converter to receive updates from the European Central Bank.

It is very easy to use. Simply introduce the desired quantity, and you`ll have the conversion immediately on-screen. You don`t need to waste time looking for rates or quantities, because it will always be at hand, on your desktop. The conversions can be done between the 34 currencies and the Euro in both directions: from and to the Euro.
Download free Tiny Euro Converter 1.00

Blackberry Video Converter is a free utility that works to codify your videos to watch them later on your RIM Blackberry player. It has a simple and intuitive interface, designed with usability and functionality in mind.

Blackberry Video Converter uses a mencoder codifying engine, and supports almost all video formats. It is simple but powerful, letting you convert with just one mouse click. It also supports DVD formats (.VOB files), has choices of aspect, volume adjustments, personalizable parameters, etc.
Download free Blackberry Video Converter 1.13

The videos you download from YouTube are always in FLV format, for which it is necessary to have a specific player, that is incompatible with all the other players. To make any FLV video you download from YouTube more compatible you need Freez FLV to AVI/MPEG/WMV Converter 1.5. It will convert FLV files to the more compatible and popular AVI, MPEG and WMV, for you to watch and enjoy them on any player.
Download free Freez FLV to AVI/MPEG/WMV Converter 1.5

Its own name tells you everything: Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. This completely free application extracts and downloads the music and sound from YouTube videos, and saves them in MP3 format on your hard drive. And with just one mouselcick!

Other Free YouTube to MP3 Converter utilities include conversion of FLV (Flash) videos to MP3. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is a completely free, reliable and safe application, that has no spyware nor adware.
Download free Free Youtube to MP3 Converter 2.4

Extreme Units Converter is an application that gives you the opportunity to make conversions between the most popular and usual measurements in Physics, Maths, Chemistry and much more areas of Science, always with very precise results.

Extreme Units Converter includes up to five different types or categories (weight, height, area, volume and temperature), each one of which contains a large number of units for conversion
Download free Extreme Units Converter 1.2

The large variety of devices in which you can watch your vidoe files gives innumerable advantages, but also one important drawback: the required format doesn`t always coincide with your video, and you drive yourself mad looking for a program to change the format.

Power Video Converter is the definitive solution to this problem. No more headaches trying to convert videos! This program works in all situations: it converts almost all the formats you want (AVI, DIVX, XVID, MPEG1, MPEG2, ASF, WMV, VOB and DAT), it cuts videos, redimensions the end result, or has many general options and specific configurations for each exit format.

All external utilities that could be used to perform operations like cutting, capturing, dividing and so on, can be done with Power Video Converter.
Download free Power Video Converter 1.5.38

Many programs have appeared for YouTube, that let you download their videos to your hard drive to watch them when you want, process them, etc. And it hasn`t taken long for programs like Youtube to iPod Converter to appear, which lets you download YouTube videos directly converted into MP4. This is the format supported by portable devices like iPod, PSP, mobiles etc.

You only have to select the video you want to download, and select the quality level from a menu (frames per second, resolution, etc) that you want. The qualities for the exit files are grouped according to the exit device (iPod, PSP, mobile, etc). You only have to indicate the folder where you want it to finish, and leave Youtube to iPod Converter to do the rest.
Download free Youtube to iPod Converter 2.8

Flash to Video Converter is a powerful conversion program and is able to convert Flash SWF files to AVI format, with all its advantages and characteristics.

These are the principle characteristics of the program:

* Converts from Flash SWF to AVI, and supports popular codecs like 3ivx, DivX and Xvid.
* Specific technology to get absolutely precise synchronization between sound and imsge.
* The audio extraction method assures 100% of the original sound.
* It lets the user select a fragment of Flash video easily, and convert it to AVI.
* Very easy to use interface.
Download free Flash to Video Converter 1.01

Great ripper that`s outstanding for its ease of use and surprising efficiency.

It allows you to extract songs from an audio CD and record them in Mp3, Wav, WMA, CDa ...formats. Save and even edit the song information (ID Tag). It has an excellent sound, with the option to normalize the sound of recorded songs, so that all of them are at the same volume.
Download free dBpowerAMP Music Converter R12.4

Yasa Video Converter lets you process any video file, whatever the format, and convert it to any other, including special formats for devices like PSP or iPod. As is normal with this type of program, you can adjust the conversion parameters to your taste, or use the standard adjustments that come as a default. You can process more than one file at once, and even videos that have more than one video or audio track, specifying which one you want to process.

The list of entry formats that Yasa Video Converter accepts is the following: MPG, DAT, VOB, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV, AU, AIFF, PSP, RM, RAM, YUV, M4V, H261, H264, AC3, NUT, MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, OGG, SWF, MOV, QT, DV, DIF, AVI, GIF and 3GP.
Download free Yasa Video Converter 3.2

Apex Free 3GP Video Converter is a powerful program that freely converts any video to 3GP format, used in most mobile devices on the market.

The program has a simple and intuitive start page, where you?ll find all the program options. You can manage as many videos as you want (add, remove) to a list to later convert them in one step, indicating the exit format you want (3GP+AMR, 3GP+AAC, 3GP2) and the folder where you want to save the resulting file.

With Apex Free 3GP Video Converter you can also indicate various video options (video size, audio bitrate, frame rate ...).

You also have a screen to view the videos, and a practical button for your PC to automatically shut down when all indicated conversions have finished, meaning you don?t have to be in front of the PC while the program works.
Download free Apex Free 3GP Video Converter 5.92

Thanks to Free YouTube to iPhone Converter you can download your favourite videos from the YouTube website and convert them into a compatible format for your iPhone device with just one mouse click.

With Free YouTube to iPhone Converter you can convert .flv video files to .mp4. It is a completely free program that contains no spyware or adware of any type. A comfortable and simple option to save your favourite YouTube videos to your hard drive or enjoy them on your iPhone.
Download free Free YouTube to iPhone Converter 1.3

EuroConvert 2.0.3 is a currency converter that lets you convert any quantity of Euros into any of the dozen currencies of the European Union that used to exist, and of course, viceversa.
Download free EuroConvert 2.0.3
is a free and very useful image converter that is very fast and, above all, is outstanding for the large number of formats it lets you convert: gif, jpg, pdf, png, bmp, psd, tga, pcx, tiff, jp2, pgf, raf, crw, cr2, kdc, dcr, mrw, nef, orf, dng, ptx, pef, arw, srf, x3f, erf, mef, mos, raw, r3d, etc.

Before converting Pixillion lets you see the image with its actual settings, and also you can change the size of the image for it to take up less space when sending it via the Internet or storing it on a CD.

Pixillion is also very intuitive and easy to use.
Download free Pixillion 2.11

Possibly the quickest and easiest to use converter of DVDs to Video CD1 or CD2.

With this program in only one step you can create a Video CD directly from a DVD, saving space in the process. In this way you can record DVD movies in CD format (with a conventional CD recorder) and later watch them on a normal CD reader, or in any system that is Video CD compatible.

Regarding subtitles, if you are interested you can record them directly onto the same recording, and save the time usually needed to look for them afterwards.
Download free DVDx;size=4535782


Calendar Magic
is a collection of tools united under the common denominators of calendar, dates and time control. Among many other things you can see 21 different calendars, moon phases, sun phases, holidays for different countries, and all this is printable.

Finally, with Calendar Magic you can also know the exact hour in any part of the world, all the information relating to your date of birth, etc. You also have a scientific calculator, alarms, a unit converter and all this totally free!
Download free Calendar Magic 17.0

Vidown FLV Downloader is an excellent tool to download FLV (Flash) videos from different multimedia storage websites: YouTube, Myspace, Google Video, Metacafe and many more. The program has support for over 50 websites, and the number could increase in the future.

With Vidown FLV Downloader
you can download multiple files from various sites at the same time. Also, Vidown FLV Downloader includes an integrated FLV player, a converter for FLV format that lets you convert them to WMV format to be more comfortable. It also has support for integration into your normal web browser. ViDown is completely free and has no types of adware nor spyware.
Download free Vidown FLV Downloader 0.8.2
ink nebun
wait.................asta e bun .

PCL Reader
is a tool that works to convert from PCL format and plain text to PDF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PCX formats and even ASCII text. Once viewed, the PCL file or text can be printed in any Windows printer, something very useful when you don`t have a PCL Laserjet to hand. Really, you could say that it is the first totally free commercial PCL format converter/viewer.

These are the biggest advantages of PCLReader:

* Print PCL files on any Windows printer (Deskjets, GDI, PostScript, etc).
* Convert PCL formats or plain text to normal PDF format.
* Preview a PCL file before printing, which saves you paper.
Download free PCLReader 8.43

HyperSnap-DX is a free editing, screen and image capture tool, with which you can capture screens of common applications, and also those that are usually more difficult to get, like for example those of DirectX, Direct3D, 3Dfx Voodoo and Glide. Here are some of the functions of HyperSnap:

- Capture, editing, anotation and manipulation of images.
- Automatic colour substitution.
- Not only rectangular captures.
- Auto-scroll and captures of large webpages and other documents.
- Totally integrated with Windows clipboard.
- Automatic save of captured graphics files.
- Image viewfinder and converter that supports over 20 different formats.
- Easy and configurable interface
Download free HyperSnap-DX 6.20

Foto2Avi is a basic video format converter with support for AVI, MPEG and FLV, that also has video editing functions. The program supports, in general, the following entry formats:

* Images : bmp/jpeg/png.
* V?deo : avi/mpeg.
* Sound : mp3/ogg/wav.

And the following exit formats:

* V?deo: Mpeg4/Xvid/Avi without compression/flv/mpeg.
* Sound: Mp2/Mp3/Ac3.

Among its editing possibilities it has support for logos, subtitles, 25 transition effects, basic effects (brightness, noise, etc), advanced effects, distortions, animations, etc. A very complete and totally free editor.
Download free Foto2Avi 1.0 link
search..........home page
descarcati de aici:
toate sunt free,si multe din ele la fel de bune ca cele ...lalte
,la inceput am cautat un convertor pentru .ivr files(internet video files),si uite-asa din una in alta
se facura atatea , am si uitat de ala pe care-l cautam,cand mai dau de vreunul il pun aici
,si sa nu ma puna careva sa le traduc in romana

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post May 2 2008, 06:40 PM
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Group: Guests

cateva programe cu care veti putea face imagini .gif

Free flv convertor
cu asta veti putea converti fisiere video .flv...,in avi,wmv,3gp(pentru. mobil),iphone
am testat mai multe convertoare d-astea,si acesta e chiar mai bun decat
multe altele bani,si merge si invers ..avi in flv

Movie to gif
odata ce-aveti un fisier video .avi,puteti sa taiati o anumita portiune din el
cu acest program,tot to gif
deschideti un fisier avi,deplasati cursorul si alegati un "start point",
apoi un "end point" dati pe -Export,si alegeti -Export to animated gif,puteti
exporta si frame-rile individuale,ca .jpg,sau .png
de obicei,in functie de bucata pe care-ati taiat-o din clip,iasa cam mare
asa ca vom folosii un program gratuit pentru. optimizarea imaginilor gif
unul la fel de bun ca si,pe care le-am incercat(dac-o tin
asa,in curand o sa am doar programe gratuite pe comp,ceea ce rau)

Trout's GIF Optimizer
foarte usor de folosit vedeti rezultatul,nu poate micsora ...chiar orice
(dar,am observat ca ce nu poate asta nu pot nici alea pe bani)
acum,mai avem nevoie de-un alt program cu care vom putea modifica fisierul
gif pe care l-am facut pana acum.

Beneton Movie GIF
cu asta puteti sa scoateti si sa adugati frame-uri,sa reglati timpul de
aparitie al fiecareia,puteti chiar insera o alta foto,sau alt gif,in orice loc
are si cateva efecte sfarsit,merge.

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post May 2 2008, 09:45 PM
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Group: Guests

QUOTE (pnv @ May 2 2008, 06:40 PM) *
..imagini .gif

am uitat,cu acela,Free Flv Convertor,puteti si descarca videoclipuri ..
si mai jos,250 de "animated avatars,signs si smile avatars". sa va jucati cu ele
download: 13MB
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